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7 Interior Design Trends for 2018!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

From Pinterest to designers and industry experts, the top trends that are set to soar over the next 12 months have been revealed!

However, there is not a marble edge or millennial pink wall in sight, this year, it’s more about understated tones with splashes of bright, luxurious textures and outdoor decorations.


Although this year is set to see some neutrals, bold pigments are still set to be popular! An abundance of burnt oranges, greens, peacock blues, ochre and tomato reds.

Discussions around the importance of wellbeing and self- care seem to have had an impact on the interior market too, with Pinterest saves for ‘positivity’ rising by 430 per cent! This is great for the interior design scene! It allows an introduction of bright colours- making for a space that boosts your mindset.


Velvet is set to be the fabric of choice for soft furnishings this year, bringing glamour into your space. As well as being tactile, velour fabrics can really make a statement in any space.

Why not be completely on trend and mix an ‘unapologetically over the top’ colour with velvet!


Minimalistic art seems to be over taking the excessive art seen in previous years. One-line drawings and simple silhouettes are appearing more frequently in the design world.


If you are an avid reader of our blogs then you will know the health benefits associated with incorporating indoor plants into any space (take a look!).

As well as this, Pinterest have found that searches for ‘indoor plants’ have risen further since last year, making them even more popular in 2018. They are so diverse, introducing colour and unique designs!


Although geometric design has been a popular look over recent years,this was always restricted to just cushions or rugs in hope of sparking interest. However, this year its all about tiles and wallpaper. Now this really does create a striking affect as well as pleasing the eye.


Sage Green has been lined up to be the new neutral. Replacing the likes of beige, pure white and stone. Although muted greens with grey undertones are certainly more bold, its definitely an approachable colour- we love it! Paired with woods (shown below) and a cream colour palette, Sage will warm up any space. Expect to see an appearance from soft mustard's, jades and olives too.


Probably the best trend you’ll want to scoop up this year- who doesn’t love ice cream?

Now, this is a colour palette taken straight from the runway and into the interiors world. Soft, calming and somewhat romantic, these peachy pastel shades provide a subtle neutral base for any room. Inspired by the popularity of millennial pink over the past three years, the ‘ice-cream’ colour is continuing to evolve, reminiscent of your favourite childhood treats! They are a great way to add character to any space in a soft and subtle way.


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