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A Piece of Sky 'Our Thoughts'

During our visit to Clerkenwell Design Week ZSpace UK came across and intriguing piece of architecture which sparked excitement among the team. Pictured above, Sky-Frame presented ‘A Piece of Sky’, designed by Swiss architect and designer Stephan Huerlemann.

With the real sound of earth, recorded by NASA, and with quotes from astronauts; Stephan Huerlemann brought his wish to life which was to “bring a piece of heaven to the earth and put it in the context of London”.

This thought provoking instillation brings about positive energy among visitors by telling a story which transports them for a few seconds away from their hectic daily lives. The instillation gives you a beautiful view from the sky and orbit down to the earth. In essence this is exactly what Sky-Frame does with its frameless sliding doors (pictured below).

ZSpace found the piece of architecture interactive and intriguing and although technically man-made it created an aura of peace within its confinements. The same aura is reflected in their work (pictured above).

We love the meaning and look behind Sky-Frame windows, connecting the exterior with the interior, creating a continuous flow of space and outdoor nature.


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