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Framing Your Office With Spectacular Views

Until recently, the sign of a successful business was a plush and modern office located in the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre. Usually in a commercial high rise, business owners have long considered such a central location the best way to show clients they have their finger on the pulse of commerce as well as being able to utilise the very best public transport links.

However, the tide is starting to turn. Characterless, grey office blocks are being shunned by forward-thinking businesses in favour of out-of-town, rural locations with more character. So, why the change? Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know there’s been a shift in focus with businesses now placing a greater emphasis on staff well-being and productivity.

A lack of natural light, grey surroundings and no view to speak of are all high on the list of common complaints of office workers. As a result, business owners are branching out to more unusual spaces like converted barns and cottages in order to give their workers some inspiring scenery to feast their eyes upon as a way to increase productivity and positivity.

Of course, not every business can up-sticks and head for the country, but there are various things they can do to try and make the workspace as visually appealing as possible.

Natural Light

The benefits of professional workspaces that make the most of the available natural light are well documented. Staff who work in closed-off spaces, devoid of sunlight and reliant upon artificial illumination have a tendency to feel far more fatigued than their counterparts who enjoy a room with a view.

One way in which to make the most of resources is to remove interior walls, or, if this is not possible, limit them to a height that allows all employees to benefit from natural light. For those unable to install new windows, changing the soft furnishings; working to magnify any natural beams that radiate into the office. This can be an essential first step in improving morale and productivity in the workplace.


For businesses in a position to refurbish or redesign, the possibilities are far more extensive. Here, much depends upon the architectural history and structure of the office space in question. Highlighting original features such as roof beams, or uncovering a wooden floor instead of

opting for carpet can make all of the difference.

If this is too ambitious for your budget and office space then don’t underestimate the power of top quality, strategically placed artwork. Not only can this add a splash of colour to your office, it can be used to transform the surroundings and detract from a view out of the window that perhaps isn’t the most glamorous.

A spectacular view need not include rolling hills and tumbling waterfalls as creative design can take even the most industrial of landscapes and frame them into something really special.

If you would like advice or perhaps some inspiration for an office relocation or redesign then our team would be happy to speak to you. Drop us a line on 0330 002 0459 or email


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