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How Creative Interior in your Workplace can Positively Impact Employee Productivity...

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

The majority of workers throughout the UK and the rest of the world spend more

time in an office or work space than outside of it. Tiring isn’t it. Your answer should be no… because it doesn’t have to be! We believe there should be increased emphasis on the design and layout of employees’ work space as it has shown to positively impact job performance and overall well-being of employees when working in a positive, inspiring environment.

ZSpace UK's creative interior design work captured in the Campus Living Villages Head Quarters Offices.

Companies now have to manage four generations of people which presents a difficult task when our speed and style of communication differs from traditional working environments. It could be said this is due to variables such as the everlasting advancements in technology.

How we work, where we work and changes in technology have put increased pressure on our workload which is a common source of stress. This stretches internationally too.

The ‘Google for Work Study’ found that “73% of employees think their organisation would be more successful if they were able to work in a more flexible and collaborative way."

Further studies have shown that when employees are empowered and are trusted to do their job productively, more engaged and less stressed at work.

In order to make our workplaces happier and more productive, employee engagement and a culture shift is often required. ZSpace Uk's work featured in Ticketmaster HQ in Manchester!

A creative interior design and fit-out enables employers to inspire employees, encouraging them to come to work and also be proud of their working environment. Additionally, a work space that inspires not only helps to retain employees, but also helps to attract new employees.

If an office or working environment is designed in the right way, the use of different spaces to complete tasks in collaborative teams or solo task work should be available. This enables employees to be more productive as it relieves everyday stresses such as noise levels and interruptions.

It is clear that a workplace that best suits employee needs empowers them to get their job done which has shown to increase the overall well-being of that person!


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