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Is Interior Design only made for the wealthy?

Surely an interior designer is a luxury afford only by the ultra-rich? This is a common misconception that holds most people back from hiring a professional. However, with interior design being an emergent profession, a lot of people are getting their spaces designed by professionals to make for an elegant, sophisticated, class and style depending on the individual preference while maintaining optimum space.

Hiring an interior designer to design your commercial or residential space is seen as an extreme indulgence… I can do it myself, why hire? Although many have a good eye for form, function and colour, there still remain some important concepts that only a designer can give you. This is not restricted to a particular class of people, interior designing places focus on the clients’ style. No style is considered too ambiguous or too small.

It may sound strange that hiring someone to design your commercial or residential space would save you money due to the additional fee incurred, however a designer can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will help you to improve the value of your space a

Professionals are experts in working within you budget, they know materials and the pieces that will fit into your project, as well as the benefits of discount on trade accounts and the time saved in having to figure out if something is worth it and the benefits of discounts on trade accounts. You do not need to be wealthy to hire an interior designer; you just need to know the style you’d love to achieve.

If you would like to achieve or perhaps some inspiration for a commercial or residential relocation or redesign then our team would be happy to speak to you. Drop us a line on 0330 002 0459 or email us


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