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Popular Interior Design Trends 2021

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

So far, 2021 has provided us with a new set of interior trends which offers all the inspiration we need to give our home or workplace an upgrade. Remember - this by no means requires you to spend an arm and a leg. Small touch ups and alternations here and there can still make a huge impact.

We've found that the top new trends have something for everyone to enjoy. From daring statement vases to minimalistic, tranquil vibes - there will defiantly be something you can incorporate into your space!

Multi-functional Furniture

Now that many of us have realised that our homes can double up as offices, gyms or pop-up bars, smart storage is a must.

Image Credit: MADE.COM

This ottoman makes for a versatile and flexible storage unit that will work anywhere across your home to create a seamless combination for a range of needs and solutions. will provide space for your gym equipment or office supplies as well as just looking lovely in any room in your home!

Down To Earth Tones

Earth tones are here to stay. Freshen up your lounge and build a tranquil, simplistic scheme with a nude palette. With the announcement of 'Brave Ground' as the Dulux colour of the year, you can stay on trend with these versatile tones.

Image Credit: MADE.COM

A room in your home with subtle tones enables you to introduce art, found objects and collectables that wont have to compete with vivid colours. It can also be said that neutral tones are soothing and tranquil.


Flat surfaces are no more! A play on textures and materials has been huge this year. It seems that joinery has become a popular way of sprinkling some design flair too. Texture is key. It adds character and touch to a space. This ambiance-altering trend is translated visually when you walk into any room. For example, lines resembling grooves to bring a surface to detail instead of MDF doors is a great and easy way to incorporate this trend into your space.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Plants! Real, Faux or Dried

House plants have been around for a while now, but today the increase in interest in dried and faux plants has seen the market boom. As the human connection to the outside world grows, we are realising that botanicals don't always have to be real to make a huge impact on your space. However, the style that's really taken over is dried flowers. Totally instagrammable, with a life span of up to 2 years, preserved arrangements are a great investment. We'd suggest the rise in popularity may be something to do with the 'Down To Earth' Tones we spoke about earlier.

Image Credit: Hidden Botanics

The popularity of such flowers has seen a rise in demand for statement vases too which have flooded high street stores in the past year or so. How about this cheeky derriere?!

Biophilic Design

The pandemic has increased our desire for a connection to the outside world. Biophilic design is a technical term used for architecture that focusses on human's innate attraction to nature and natural processes.

Just for some background - this concept was formed in the 1980's by an American biologist Edward O Wilson who observed that the increasing rate of urbanisation were leading to a disconnection with the modern world. So, biophilic design derives from the ideas and principles around this term by creating human centered approaches to spaces which is considered to be beneficial to our health and well-being.

It has been shown through research that when we incorporate elements of the outside world into our homes and environment, it reduces stress, heart rate and blood sugar levels. Interestingly, companies like Google, Apple and Amazon are beginning to incorporate such design into their workplace in order to improve cognitive ability and improve concentration.

Eco-Friendly Designs

With the worst impacts of climate change predicted to be irreversible by 2030 we have become more aware of how our daily habits and routines are impacting on the environment. The shift towards conscious consumption has encouraged us to re-evaluate our choices and has encouraged a demand for more sustainable products. This includes reducing plastic in the home, buying second-hand pieces and even upcycling old pieces of furniture and accessories.

People are expecting businesses to do the same too. It is found that 88% of consumers would like brands to help them be more environmentally friendly and ethical in every day life too which suggests that they are actively seeking more sustainable options and are shopping consciously.

We all know that Stacey Solomon is the Queen of upcycling - her Instagram is full of tips and tricks! Look at her upcycle of some old jars and a chopping board, they are transformed into bird feeders!

Grab yourself some old jars, a chopping board and a glue gun and you're ready to go! They would look great hung up on your garden fence like Stacey's!

Image Credit: Stacey Solomon/Insta

It's clear that the theme for 2021 has been and continues to be organic and nature inspired. Bringing elements of the outside world. into our homes and workplaces seems to be the go-to interior trend.

If you'd like some help on your own home or workplace design then please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team here.


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