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To Renovate or Move?

Positives of Renovating

Renovation will cost less than a new house:

  • Room by room renovations can help keep costs down, as you only alter a room when you have the money to do so instead of doing all rooms at once and risk going over budget.

You can create your dream home:

  • Renovation allows you to create the house you have always wanted.

  • You can knock down walls, build extensions and fit a new kitchen and bathroom.

  • The redesign possibilities are endless.

Renovation means you can stay in the location you love:

  • Finding a new home in the same location can be hard, renovation allows you to stay where you love.

  • Children won’t need to move school, your friends will remain close by, and you can continue using all your favourite local amenities.

Negatives of Renovating

Renovation won’t work if you want to downsize:

  • One of the few negatives of renovation is it’s not an option if you simply want to downsize your house, this can only be done through moving.

Need a place to stay when renovation work is being completed:

  • Depending on the scale of your renovation you may need to find another place to stay whilst work is being completed, this could be pricey if you do not have a family or friends house to stay at.

Positives of Moving House

Perfect House:

  • You could find your perfect home without needing to do any work to it, simply just move in.

New Location:

  • If you want to be closer to family members or a new job, moving house is the only option.

Negatives of Moving House


  • Relocation costs are high, estate agent fees, stamp duty, legal fees, and removal men will all add up to thousands of pounds.

Hassle of moving:

  • The process of selling your current home and buying a new one can take months. This will be a stressful, time consuming process and that’s all before you even start packing!

Renovation can easily be seen as the better option both in terms of money, and endless design possibilities. How exciting would it be to design your dream home and see it come to life with the help of professionals.

Here at Zspace UK we can help with all aspects of a home renovation from the redesign to completion. Our professional team can construct extensions, fit new kitchens and decorate your entire home. If you would like our help to make your design dreams come true contact us at


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