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Solo Containment

Solo Containment offer a unique and fresh approach in the filed of flexible containment. They create innovative products and construction techniques that are developed by their team to maximise and retain containment performance. 

Solo Containment appointed ZSpace UK to design and space plan their new office in Stockport, Manchester. After their recent success, Solo were now faced with the need to acquire more space to house their employees. ZSpace UK devised a space plan for their new home which ensured all areas have specific meaning and functions. This included an area for desking, meeting pods, executive offices and a breakout space. 

As principle designers, ZSpace UK were initially briefed to create a clean, crisp and contemporary design with an element of life and greenery to reflect the sanitary aspect of what they do. Throughout the initial design and space plan, we were faced with a few structural adversities which, with the help of Rische Group whom were the contracted construction team we managed to overcome and accommodate all aspects of Solo Containment’s Work.

After 12 weeks of great team work by ZSpace UK and Rische Group, what was once an abandoned warehouse, was transformed into a great new facility for Solo Containment, providing them with all the tools and space needed.

The ground floor housed the new industrial factory fitted with air-tight air locks to ensure a clean environment as well as new flooring, furniture and equipment.

The first floor was re-constructed into a new commercial office to accommodate the expanding team.

Partition walls were built throughout to create separate meeting areas for employees to hold formal or informal meetings as well as changing facilities, toilets and a breakout space. 

A technology hub was built by the Rische team complete with a viewing window where the factory area becomes a theatre for Solo Containment's clients to allow them to view their products' process throughout the factory. 

An artificial green wall was installed to the breakout and reception areas to add character along with brand new furniture throughout for employees. 

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