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Sugo Pasta Kitchen

ZSpace UK were appointed for the second time to bring their successful southern Italian restaurant in Altrincham to their second home in the flourishing new food scene in Ancoats, Manchester.

It was essential to us that we brought the key elements and recognisable interior from Altrincham and incorporated this into Sugo's new home in Ancoats.

Sugo wanted a semi-communal approach to their dining space as a way of highlighting that everyone is there to enjoy something good together. This worked in their favor with their diners in Altrincham.

ZSpace were respectful to the brands 'small town' roots and successfully translated this into an urban city environment, replacing the bench seating with individual seats.

However incorporating long tables into the space to keep in touch with Sugo's semi-communal branding. 

The finishing touches are what really makes this space and provide a perfect balance between the unpolished and authentic. 

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