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How are Colour Trends Changing in 2020?

Designers predict that colour will make a comeback in 2020 with rich jewel tones replacing neutrals. This new colour trend encourages bold colour choices and even colour combinations. Rich tones are suggested for key pieces for example a royal blue sofa or a mustard yellow bed frame, whilst warm neutrals are used on walls like rose or natural greens. If you are feeling bold mustard yellow has been shown to be the perfect match for richer jewel tones including teal, leaf green, and nude pink.

Another on trend way to bring more colour into your interior is through the use of patterned wallpaper. 2020 is set to see a big comeback for patterned wallpaper and patterns in general. The one rule to this trend is there is no rules, you can go as wild as you like with layering patterns in your interiors. Examples of patterned wallpapers that are coming back strong are tropical and botanical wallpapers as our love for bringing nature into homes grows.

Do not worry if you are still a big fan of neutral colours as they are not being pushed completely out of the picture, however the neutral tones that are on trend have shifted from your usual greys. If its neutrals that you love try moving towards warmer yellow based tones. 2020 is the comeback year for beige as a buildable base colour. If you are feeling adventurous and want to bring some small pops of rich jewel colours into your warm neutral pallet then soft furnishings are the perfect opportunity. Think rich deep blue velvet cushions, or dark red textured throws.


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