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The Importance of Acoustics in a Workplace

The modern work space challenges the acoustic aspect of a working environment. The penchant for an open-plan office fueled by the desire to encourage collaboration and communication has many benefits such as improved access to natural light, ventilation. However a by-product of these interactive spaces is that of noise which can contribute to low productivity levels.

The Problem

The true problem is highlighted through surveys undertaken by dozens of organisations. Results are consistent. 70 percent of all employees in open work areas report that the biggest impact on the productivity is the conversations of their co-workers. Studies have also shown that it can take as much as 20 minutes to fully regain concentration on complex tasks once distracted.

The Solution

One company that stands out is Abstracta, they have come to support the importance of acoustics through the design and manufacturing of their products. And they sure made a statement at 100% design week in late September this year.

As well as being efficiently sound-absorbing, they offer a contemporary design to any work space. Abstracta also collaborate with designers who help to create long lasting furniture, leaving an artistic expression that stays with you. Whether it’s discretely blended into your work space or a prominent feature of your space, Abstracta’s acoustic objects add colour and life into any design.

However a variety of materials can be used throughout the workplace can help to create spaces that influence increased well-being and productivity. Hard floor surfaces can be replaced with softening materials such as carpet, tiles and vinyl floors which should minimise noise.

The creation of multi-layered office design using a multitude of work settings will concentrate sounds. For instance, ‘third spaces’ can include bookable booths, ‘office libraries’ and breakout areas.

Integrated acoustic characteristics seen in modern workplace design have been greatly appreciated in recent years. Abstraca are a perfect example of how a design can be transformed through multi-use products which create feature statements as well as having noise cancelling properties.


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