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The Rise in Bold Skirting Boards

Large and detailed skirting boards are becoming increasingly popular in the interior design world! Instead of pushing skirting boards aside and going for your bog-standard white gloss look which everyone has, why not make them a focal point.

By painting your skirting boards and door frames in dark colours it creates the illusion of more space by making the walls above seem brighter and elongated. If you prefer more toned back interiors and have white walls, but still want to make a feature of your wood work a lighter colour would work great, for example a pastel colour, as it still highlights the area and creates a contrast.

If you are feeling daring another popular trend is to paint your walls and woodwork all in one colour. This can open up your space as it eliminates borders and creates a calming space by reducing large continuous contrasts.

However, it is advised that some contrast is bought in through furnishings for example wall mirrors, or artwork otherwise the space can end up looking empty and unfinished. Artwork can benefit from a solid block of colour as it stands out against it and the eye is drawn solely to the artwork as it is the only contrasting colour in the space.

Be bold and go for it, a statement skirting board will show everyone you are on trend and really know how to make an impact in your interior.


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