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What is the importance of Project Management?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

‘Why is having a project manager important?’, a question often asked by our clients.

The truth is, running projects without a project manager is a false economy. It’s often seen as an unnecessary burden on the budget however, without it, what holds the team and client together? And without it, who’s left to navigate through the ups and downs of your project?

So, why is project management a key feature to the success of your project?

1. Strategic Alignment

Project managers deliver real value against business opportunity and its goals. It is important to recognise the goals of a clients’ company and advance them in order to align them with their strategic goal. Where project management is most crucial is when a project un-expectantly veers off course, or fails to adapt to the business needs causing unnecessary expense. The risks which may emerge have the potential for a client to change their business strategy and project management will ensure that the project is part of that realignment.

2. Leadership

Bringing leadership and direction to a project is important to ensure a project meets its goals. And with this, motivation, vision and guidance are brought to the team of professionals. With this in mind, teamwork is naturally enforced and encouraged by bringing individuals together to share ideas. Project management plays an important role in this too, ensuring there is no confusion about who is in charge of the project by establishing clear lines of accountability. After all…the team ultimately carry the responsibility of whether the project fails or succeeds!

3. Quality Control and Continuous Oversight

Within an increasingly dynamic environment, projects usually come under pressure to be completed, resulting in tightened schedules, rushed processes, and bad quality output.

Continuous oversight provided by a project manager introduces a staggered and phased process, creating time to examine work throughout. This eliminates potential risks and provides intricate data of the project. Key milestones, risks, assumptions and issues are documented which are invaluable to key stakeholders whilst providing trust and assurance.

At the end of the day- Great project management delivers success!


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